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9th Annual Pattaya Charity Cross Bay Swim

Every year, the Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya hold a Charity Swim to raise money for our Children’s Fund projects, from Clean Water for schools and family homes, Scholarships and other things. The 2011 CBS was due to be held last October, but was postponed until 25th March 2012, due to the disastrous flooding of Bangkok and the countryside. Many swimmers were unable to join that swim due to lack of time for serious training, so at their request we are getting back on track, by having our winter swim, this time on 25th  November 2012

This year, the event will be bigger and better than ever, with the inclusion of a Family Fun event at “Central Festival Pattaya Beach”, who will show the start and finish of the 3 separate swims live on their giant screen for all to see. 
First will be the Fun Swim, which is open to all, and will have children from 4 local orphanages, who will swim from the beach opposite the Hard Rock Hotel, to Central Festival Centre Pattaya Beach, where there will be  family friendly events from 12 noon until late afternoon.
Our first competitive swim will be the 1.2km Short Swim route starting from the beach opposite the Hard Rock Hotel to Chaba Beach at the Dusit Thani Pattaya. This will be in 2 classes, Junior and Adult, with trophies awarded to winners of each class..
Due to the construction of Pattaya new marina, we have changed the start of the  “Long Swim” (3.5km) to the beach outside “Siam Bayshore Hotel”, which is at the South end of Walking Street. This is North of the Bali Hai Pier and the marina area. Due to the curve of the bay, the swim distance is only 10 metres less.

The event starts off with the a short shoreline fun swim of about 500 metres, from the “Hard Rock Hotel” to “Central Festival Pattaya Beach”  for families who want to join in and support us, and a CBS shirt to wear. In this Fun Swim will be children from 4 local orphanages. How far and fast you swim is not important. Feel tired and you can walk the last part, as the “Fun Swim” is NOT competitive.

This leaves the original short swim to those as a competitive event, but now with a slightly longer route. This year, swimmers will swim directly out beyond the existing safety buoys and follow a course outside markers set by Pattaya City Sea Rescue to the Dusit Thani Pattaya’s Chaba beach.
For the Long Swim (3.5km), they will swim across Pattaya Bay to the Dusit Thani Pattaya Resort, where every swimmer, both long and short swim, will get a medal and souvenir tee-shirt, as well as a buffet donated by the management of the Dusit Thani. The  “Long Swim” starts at  the beach outside “Siam Bayshore Hotel”, which is at the South end of Walking Street, and before Bali Hai Pier and the marina area.

Both the competitive swim routes end up at Dusit Thani Pattaya’s Chaba beach, where the swimmers will get their medal, which is used as access pass to the buffet lunch, which has been donated by Dusit Thani Pattaya for the past 9 years.
But you must check-in with the Safety Marshals, as we consider your safety as most important.
Every swimmer gets a commemorative medal , the winners of both the long and short competitive swims will receive trophies, as in past years.

Later, there will be the presentation of the trophies for the winners of each competitive race.

Schedule of events:

Official Opening by Mayor at Hard Rock Hotel


  • 12:00    Fun Swim from the Hard Rock Hotel to “Central Festival Pattaya Beach”
  • 13:00   1.2 Km competitive Short Swim from the Hard Rock Hotel.
  • 14:00   Traditional 3.5 km  Swim from Siam Bayshore Beach.

Please note that for the Long Swim Registration, this will be done at Bali Hai Sea Rescue Station, and the swimmers transporrted by boat to the starting point off Siam Bayshore Beach.

Map of Sea Rescue Station and Siam Bayshore Beach

Finish Line for both competitive Swims at Dusit Thani Pattaya Beach (Chaba)

Registration: 2,000 Baht Donation* to Humanitarian Services will include Swim + Lunch+ Medal + T Shirt, Water and use of Fresh Towels.

Registration for the FUN swim only: 1,000 Baht Donation for individuals and 2,000 Baht for Families. They will receive a medal and water at the finish, which is at Central Festival Pattaya Beach

For more details and pre-registration, contact:
Ronny Heltne: 089  936  6740
Brendan Kelly: 084  033  6296
Graham Hunt-Crowley:  081 340 8852
Vutikorn Kamolchote (TH):  081 447 44152

*100% of Funds raised will go to the Underprivileged Children in our Community, so if you can collect more sponsorship, the children will be grateful.

Pre-Registration form:  CBS9__Pre-Registration.pdf  (Please complete, print, then send a scanned copy by email or EMS the print to us)

If you are not able to scan and email the form back to us, you can send details by email showing:
Your name:
Age and gender: (for safety planning)
If part of a group, details and contact number:
Mobile Phone number: (Should we need to contact you before or on the day)
Email address: (For contact nearer the day with final swim details)
Emergency contact number:
Which Swim you wish to enter: (Fun, 1.5km or 3.5 Km)
Your Swimming Standard:
You can complete the Registration Form on the day. (Please allow time to complete the form and formalities)

Sponsorship collection forms: CBS9__Collections_sheet-V2.pdf

Registration form (This needs to be completed and returned with your registration fee): Registration form

This is a schedule of the event (as at 22 NOV 2012), but as always with advance planning, some times may change slightly:

Program of the event
11:00 Opening speech at Hard Rock Hotel
11:45 Fun swimmers on beach for Photo-call
12:00 Start of the 600 metres fun swim for families and children from local orphanages from Hard Rock Hotel to Central Festival Pattaya.
12:45 Short Swim swimmers on beach for Photo-call
13:00 Start competitive 1.2 km short swim from Hard Rock Hotel to Chaba Beach, Dusit Thani Pattaya
13:15 First 1.2 km swimmers are expected ashore at Chaba Beach, Dusit Thani Pattaya
13:00 Long swim registration at Bali Hai Sea Rescue Station
13:45 Swimmers taken by boat to Siam Bayshore Beach start point.
14:00 Start competitive 3.5 km long swim off Siam Bayshore Beach (Drop in water start)
(Photo shoot from beach – swimmers put in water from boat)
14:40  First 3.5km swimmers are expected ashore at Chaba Beach, Dusit Thani Pattaya
15:00 Afternoon event starts at “the Sunken” (beachside plaza), Central Festival Pattaya Beach
16:00 Presentation of winners medals at Chaba Beach.
18:00 Closing ceremony and presentation of Trophies at “the Sunken”.



The sponsors of the 9th Pattaya Cross Bay Swim