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A.X. Fassbind and the Banglamung Home for the Aged


A.X. Fassbind Memorial Fund Charity Dinner 20th October 2012
The A.X. Fassbind Memorial Fund was formed in 1998 in remembrance of Past President Alois Fassbind who passed away 3rd August 1998. Alois was well known in Pattaya. He built the infirmary at the Banglamung Home for the Aged and it was his wish that it be maintained to a good standard. He also wished for students entering the hospitality industry to be assisted with scholarships. A dinner is held each year to raise funds and remember Alois.


A X Fassbind and the Banglamung Home for the Aged
With a continually aging population, we all wonder what life has in store for us, as we get older.

Back in the West, there is a good (or is it bad?) chance that that you would be put in a Senior Citizens home. In Asia, it is normal practice to remain with the family, who will take care of the elderly relative.

But what happens when they have no family and not really able to take care of themselves? In the Pattaya Area, they are fortunate enough that there is a Government complex, called “The Banglamung Home for the Aged” situated North of Pattaya on Highway 3. The home may be set in beautiful surroundings, but they still need our help.

The late A X Fassbind, also known as “Mr Pattaya”, donated the Fassbind Medical Hospital, to take care of the residents, some of which are in failing health. The maintenance and upkeep of the medical centre is financed by a special fund managed by the Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya.

This year, we have made repairs to the roof, and created a new ward by relocation the Nurses station and a storage area. We have provided new beds for the residents elsewhere, and other items that they need to make their life easier

Like most Thai style buildings, the housing blocks are raised above ground level. The benefit of this is that it is cooler, the insects usual stay on ground level, and should any flash flooding occur, they would be above the projected water level. Previously, we have used the Fassbind Memorial Fund to make improvements to the housing blocks by providing concrete ramps up to the living area. In the old days, the staff had to lift people in their wheelchairs up the steps, which was stressful to the resident and time consuming to the staff, but now they can get up there easily on their own, or with friends help. 

Every year, a special evening is held to raise funds to continue with this responsibility.

This year, the Fundraising Evening will be held on 20th October in the Royal Summit Chamber at the Royal Cliff Hotel. The cost per head will be 2,200 Baht, with a Gourmet Swiss cuisine supper, including wine, whisky and soft drinks.  There is also a door prize of an Apple iPhone 4S to the holder of the lucky number.  All proceeds from the event go to the Fassbind Medical Hospital Fund.

You invited to attend, along with friends and family, and tell anyone else who wishes to enter into the spirit of remembering one of Thailand’s best-loved characters, with his unique combination of humour, generosity, bonhomie, and charisma.

Meanwhile, back at the Banglamung Home for the Aged, they also have a self-help building, called the “Happy Home”, where the Government has built a fitness centre, where the residents can exercise to keep themselves active. They have simple fitness machines, dumbbells to exercise the arms and increase circulation, 6 Thai Massage beds, where the residents treat each other, as Thai Massage was taught back in the family homes.

When we in Rotary visit the home, the residents are always pleased to see us and spend some quality time. Visitors are welcome come and chat with the residents, but not in large groups, as the Personal touch is what they appreciate.

Last year, the Sailors of the USS John McCain came and helped with the gardening in this beautiful setting and some repainting. Also the contestants of the Miss Tiffany Universe.

So, for a great night out in a party with well over 150 other people, with fine food, and including wine and whiskey, with entertainment by a Swiss Alpine Horn player and an Exotic dancer, come on join us.  At the end of the evening you will agree it was the best 2,200 Baht you have spent, had a great time, and that your money was helping the aged of the Thai Community.

Dress Code: Casual elegant or Swiss-Bavarian

For reservations, please call Peter Malhotra on 081 863 4839 or email at