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Press Release - Water Treatment Projects

The Rotary Club Jomtien-Pattaya proudly announces that it has reached the final phase of four water filter projects that will help more than 41,000 children and adults in Thailand and Burma.
The 4 projects that help more than 41,000 children and adults consist of:

  • 1,200 Household Gravity Drip Water Filter Systems for 3 rural villages in Ayutthaya province that were hit by last year’s devastating floods, helping more than 5,000 adults & children;
  • 1,500 Household Gravity Drip Water Filter Systems for 7 villages in poor rural areas of North East and East Thailand, helping well over 6,000 adults & children;
  • 26 School UV-based Water Filtration Systems in East Thailand for around 9,000 students;
  • 53 School Microfiber Ultrafiltration Systems and a Reverse Osmosis System for North East and North Thailand, helping 12,500 students, and
  • 470 School Gravity Drip Water Filter Systems for 82 schools and 3 villages in Burma that help more than 8,500 children & adults;
  • In total, this helps more than 30,500 Thai and 10,500 Burmese children and adults.

The 4 projects carry a total cost of 6 million Baht of which:

700,000 Baht was contributed by the Rotary Club Jomtien-Pattaya through events like the Cross Bay Swim, last year’s Christmas Fundraiser for flood victims and other contributions; Rotary District 2060 and 31 of its Rotary Clubs in North East Italy (Venice, Alto Adige, Trieste region) donated 1.3 million Baht;

  • The International Desalination Association donated 1.2 million Baht;
  • The Rotary Clubs of La Spezia, Torino Dora, and of Sarzana Lerici and District 2030 in North West Italy (Italian Alps & Western Mediterranean region) contributed 800,000 Baht;
  • The Rotary Club of Alloa in Scotland contributed 200,000 Baht;
  • The Rotary Clubs of Rayong, Eastern Seaboard (Pattaya) and Bangkapi (Bangkok) contributed 200,000 Baht;
  • Rotary District 3340, North East & East Thailand, contributed 150,000 Baht;
  • And The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International provided grants of 1.5 million Baht.

For the full 14 page report, please click here to download the PDF file (1.4mb)